[MISC] End of the server crashing issue

Today is a memorable day, as the server crashing issue has finally been solved. I am very sorry for the inconvenance it caused all of you until now.

And thanks for your understanding, as well as your support, everyone!

EDIT: Nevermind, restarted, time to change hosts for good T.T

  • Pc Cloud

    Good to hear. But it still takes a little bit longer to load the site. Around 15 secs. At least for me.

    • Works all right to me. Is that so? If it’s the case, the server may not be entirely optimized at 100%, but on my side, everything works clean. It’s strange :/

      • Fossil

        I still don’t get any emails for a new chapter

  • gnumon

    what was the problem if i may ask ?

    • Xias

      The problem has probably been and still is that totobro´s server connection crashes due to overload when a chapter is released and too many people try to load the website and the chapter at once.

  • gg

    site not working again

  • Key

    I still have issues, but oh well.

  • teh 1

    What exactly was the issue?

  • Dawnyaaa

    yesterday..around 11pm GTM i still had issues..i couldn’t connect the site at all.

  • Robin

    From midnight to about 4 o’clock in the morning the whole page was down and couldn’t be accessed from my computer no matter what I did. Today everything is peachy.
    Just a little status report. I guess normal people do not work at this hours. ^__^°

  • Qianyi zhu

    Thanks for your hard work. I really like this novel and thanks to you I am able to understand every word of it. So I really appreciate your work. Thank you very much.

  • Trivial

    Hi i’ve lost my subscription to this entire novel since chapter 237, and can’t find the subscription thingy anywhere on your page???? I don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it, someone help? :'(