[SYWZ] 242

Hi, here is your awaited chapter 242, as a standard release.

It was quite a happy surprise to see three chapter sponsored at once this morning. Divine Throne shall also have a happy new year with daily releases at least for the entire rest of the week.

Enjoy, this intriguing development. I’ll have more free time in the incoming days so I’ll have more time to participate in discussions, sorry to those to whom I missed!

Also, well, since 5 chapters ago, notifications by mail of new posts can temporarily not be sent, so sorry about that, I’ll tell you as soon as I will have this fixed! Sorry again.

And, please consider supporting totobro through the ads, in particular, thank you to those who disabled their adblocks for the site!

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    Happy New Year!

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    hurry up with these releases sheesh

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    Happy New Year šŸ™‚