• Olbid


  • Varler

    Hey toto. I somehow just realized I’m not getting email updates from your site anymore. I think it happened about a month ago. I looked for another way to subscribe to your site but couldn’t find one.
    You got any way to get email notifications now?

    • Charlie Bradley

      I just started reading this story about 3 days ago and wanted to sub for email updates also and I couldn’t find an option for that either.

      • Sarlisark

        it is broken at the moment, it worked till 1 month ago or so and after the provider fixed a crash inducing bug, this new bbug arose

  • MrLatvia

    Why can’t I read any of the chapters?

    • Robin

      You can’t read the chapters? Can you describe the problem in more detail? None of the other readers seem to have this issue so maybe the problem lies on your side or in your browser settings.

      • MrLatvia

        Well, whichever chapter I pick, all I see is, for example –
        SYWZ 269


        Hi, here is you chapter 269!

        Please enjoy!

        And thanks a lot to sponsor Christian B!

        This entry was posted in SYWZ on February 9, 2016.

        … and the comment section. Nothing else. >.>

        • Robin

          Well, the page you are looking at is only the notification page for new releases. Do you see the blue and underlined part saying “here is your chapter 269!”? This is the imbedded link to the real chapter. Click on this part and your browser will switch to the newly released chapter. ^_^

          • MrLatvia

            Just realised how much of a moron I was. >.>

          • Robin

            Maybe a little clumsy but it can happen. If you found the way to the chapters now all is fine in the end. 😉